10 Best Town Hall 6 Attack Strategies and Army Compositions - Clash Of Clans Wiki (2024)

Follow our Town Hall 6 attack strategies guide and always score three stars in clan war leagues. Read about which spell, troop you should donate or get in Clan Castle at TH6.

Are you confused about the best the 6 army composition? Do you want to crush your opponent’s base and earn 3 stars for trophy pushing but don’t know how? Or do you want to farm resources for your base so that you can upgrade it quickly but don’t know which troop to use?

Do not worry. We got you covered.

List of Troops Available for TH6 Army in Clash of Clans

Following troops are available for army composition at TH 6. Healer is the new troop that you unlock at Town Hall 6.

TroopLevelTraining CostTraining TimeDamage Per secondHitPoints
Barbarian3606 Seconds1465
Archer31208 Seconds1228
Giant375040 Seconds19450
Goblin3609 Seconds1936
Wall Breaker3100020 Seconds1529
Balloon3275040 Seconds48216
Wizard3180040 Seconds90108
Healer150002 min 40 sec36 HPS500
Light Spell4100003 min240
Heal Spell354006 min1000 total heal

We can make a lot of different army combos for Town Hall 6 attack by using these units.

What is the ideal Trophy Range for TH6 Attack in Clash of Clans?

This is the last Town Hall where you get starter challenges. After this you have to focus a lot on your trophy range to get max loot.

An ideal trophy range of Town Hall 6 is 1000 to 1250. However, you might be way down below this trophy range. Don’t worry you will complete the 1250 trophy challenge at Town Hall 7.

Here we present you 10 best Town Hall 6 attack strategies and army compositions that you can easily follow –

10. GiHe

If you are an experienced player then you can go with just 1 healer but to be on the safe side I would recommend using 2 healers.

You only need two wall breakers. The one extra wall breaker is required to take out the clan castle troop. After that deploy one giant and three wizards to finish the clan castle troop. When the wizards take out the clan castle troop we will deploy all giants from the opposite direction of air defense.

Deploy wizards in C- shape behind giants so that they clean out the extra buildings. Deploy two healers right after giants to heal giants. When the healers die you can use heal spells to heal giants. The wizards will quickly wipe out the base.

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9. Goblins


This army will rarely win you any trophy. You will train this army only when you need to quickly loot elixir and gold for your base upgrade.

The specialty of the goblin army is that it will only attack resource buildings (including Town Hall). Goblins give 2x damage to resource buildings which means if you deploy them correctly then you can loot out the entire base in under 1 min.

The biggest enemy of a goblin is wizard tower and mortar. You need to deploy goblin in batches of 5 and that too near resource buildings (gold mine and elixir).

You can use the light spell to take out one mortar or wizard tower. It will happen many times that you looted the entire base by using less than half of your army. This means you can surrender and end the battle. You can use the rest of the goblins in the next attack.

Usually, I take all goblins but you can mix up with 10 barbarians and 10 archers. Make sure that 90% of your army is made of goblins only.

8. GiArch

This is a cost-effective army that can help you push trophies while improving your attack strategies on the way. You will learn a lot about how to deploy troops, how to find a loophole in the opponent base.

It will also help you understand the value of each troop as you have to use every unit in this army composition wisely. The archers can help your giants to destroy mortars and wizard towers quickly. Heal spell is a better choice than a light spell as it can be used on giants while they are near wizard tower.

7. WizLoon

New Clashers often get attracted to balloons. This unit only attacks defenses and walls can not stop them.

However, there are two sides to a mass balloon attack – First they are irritatingly slow, second an air attacking clan castle troops can easily take them out. This is the reason why balloons are often paired with other units.

At Town Hall 6 we have level 3 balloons which are extremely prone to the 2 level 4 air defenses as well as two wizard towers. Therefore, we need to find a perfectly balanced army that can earn us three stars.

The above army composition is very well capable of doing so. You can exchange the number of archers and wizards but usually, I prefer more archers than wizards at Town Hall 6.

Use the light spells to take down 1 air defense. Strike in such a way that it damages other nearby buildings as well. Deploy balloons in C-shape in such a way that they target mortar and wizard tower. Do not deploy them near the second air defense.

Use archers to clear outer buildings and wizards to destroy the second air defense. Keep your ground troops out of mortar’s reach.

6. HeGiArch

Most newbies often get confused in using wizards. A beginner will use troops that are expendables. Therefore, I suggest using archers in place of wizards in the giant healer strategy.

The overall attack tactic will remain the same as told above. However, in place of wizards, you will use expendable archers that can trigger hidden traps and clean outer buildings easily. All you have to focus on is to keep them out of mortar’s reach. Also always deploy them in a c-shape.


The purpose of this Town Hall 6 army is simple. You do not want to spend many resources as well as time in training your army. Since you will find two mortars as well as two wizard towers on the opponent base, therefore, do not expect to score three stars with this army.

If you use it wisely you will loot 80% resources and 1 star on a well-protected base. Do not deploy barbarians in one batch. Deploy 2-3 barbarians so that mortar locks on them and then deploy wall-breakers to make a funnel for barbarians.

You can deploy 5 barbarians in a batch while 2 archers in a batch. The archers are supposed to clean the outer buildings as well as destroy defenses near walls. The barbarians are supposed to destroy mortar and many internal buildings.

Use the light spell to take out one wizard tower. You can destroy mortar too using it but do it only if your archers can easily wipe out wizard tower.

4. MassLoon

Mass single-unit attacks have their charm. If you are planning for an air raid then this is the costliest army that you can create. I will be honest this is rather a risky approach since a clan castle troop can ruin it.

You can take a dragon in your clan castle to a 3-star opponent base in clan wars. In trophy push, you can just deploy balloons in C-shape and watch the defenses getting destroyed in seconds. I prefer a light spell overheal spell as it can take out a wizard’s tower and air defense combo.

You can use heal spell too as the result would still be positive.

3. GiBarb

There is a reason why this army is specially designed to improve attacks. These are all ground units that can not target defenses beyond walls. You have to funnel your way inside to clean the entire area.

Moreover, you have two sets of enemies the two mortars and the two wizard towers that can easily clean these troops within seconds. You need to develop your funneling skill to master this attack. If you mastered it then you can easily 3-star any given base (of the same Town Hall) in clan wars.

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The simple strategy is to destroy wizard towers first as they can kill your barbarians instantly. Use heal spell to heal giants and wall-breakers to make their way towards wizard tower.

2. LoonArch

You are required to take a dragon in your clan castle so that you get a guaranteed three-star on the opponent base. The strategy is simple you will use one balloon to lure out the opponent’s CC troop. Use archers to kill it.

Use the light spell to take out one air defense. Deploy the rest of the balloons near the remaining air defense. Deploy your clan castle troop near the opponent’s wizard tower. Use archers to wipe out extra buildings as well air attacking defenses.

1. Mash Up

One interesting topic of debate in COC is that can we create an army using all the available troops and then 3-star the opponent base.

It is possible on all Town Hall levels but you have to find the perfect combination. At Town Hall 6 you can use the above army composition to wipe out the entire base of the opponent.

The method is simple. You will deploy barbarian first to lure out any clan castle troop. If there are clan castle troops then you will use wizards plus archers to destroy them. After this, you will deploy giants plus healers in the opposite direction of air defense. Use a wall breaker to make a path for giants.

Also, deploy all balloons from the same side in C-shape. The giant and balloon combo will destroy all defenses. Use heal spell on balloons and light spell on wizard tower that is out of reach.

Use your wizards to clean extra buildings and goblins to clean resource buildings quickly. I highly recommend using this army as it uses lots of troops. At higher Town Halls you will be required to use several troops in perfect coordination.

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10 Best Town Hall 6 Attack Strategies and Army Compositions - Clash Of Clans Wiki (2024)


What is the strongest army in COC? ›

Dragon + P.E.K.K.A.'s

Dragons and P.E.K.K.A.s are the last two to unlock in the standard Barracks, making them the strongest troops of all.

What is the most used attack strategy in clash of clans? ›

Mass Dragon is the most well-known offensive method in Clash of Clans. This approach is extremely beneficial in Town Hall 10 and may be used in multiplayer battles and clan war attacks as well. The attack works best against bases with weak-level air defenses and air sweepers.

What is the app for COC attack strategy? ›

Clash Fanatic is a fan-developed Clan War & Attack Strategy Guide that's full of useful bases and content to help you and your Clan get more STARS, WINS & LOOT! Copy HIGH QUALITY bases right into your village for EVERY Town Hall and Builder Hall.

What is the easiest town hall 10 attack strategy? ›

DragLoon is one of the easiest attacking strategies that can be used against any Town Hall 10 base since it uses a powerful combination of Dragons and Balloons. It is a preferred offensive strategy that can be applied to both regular multiplayer battles and clan war attacks.

What are CC troops in Clash of Clans? ›

The Clan Castle troops are very important in higher Leagues. This is because they can distract and possibly kill attacking troops, reducing the attacking army size and wasting precious seconds.

What does pekka stand for? ›

The name "Perfectly Enraged Knight Killer of Assassins" was the winner. The person who submitted the acronym was called Víctor in the Facebook announcement.

Who is the fastest troops in COC? ›

Goblins are one of the fastest troops in the game and are currently the only troop whose favorite targets are resources. Goblins are mostly used to farm resources; when farming you will go in with Army Camps full of Goblins along with a small number of Wall Breakers.

What is the best troop to defend in COC? ›

Recommended Compositions of Troops
  • 10 Barbarians.
  • 2 Giants.
  • 1 Valkyrie and 2 Barbarians.
  • 2 Balloons.
  • 10 Goblins (not common but decently high DPS, up to 420)
  • 2 Hog Riders.
  • 5 Minions (air troops, punishes those who don't bring Archers)
  • 1 Wizard and 6 Barbarians.

What is the best Defence system in COC? ›

Air defense towers, the Hidden Tesla, and the X-Bow are more defensive buildings that can provide your village with a lot of defensive power. Make sure to edit your base when you can buy these items. The Air Defense tower becomes available at level 4, and exclusively attacks air units like Dragons and Healers.

What is the best base strategy in Clash of Clans? ›

Place a lot of splash damage buildings close to the center of your base. Centralize all your "normal" buildings, and make sure that they offer each other cover. Place two layers of wall to protect your base from archers. Create "accidental" holes in your base and walls, and fill them with traps to trick your enemy.

What is the best attack strategy in Clash of Clans town hall 6? ›

Use archers first to save wizards. Find the closest spot to the air defense. Place one giant to check for traps and then place all giants. When the air defense is destroyed put a healer.

How do you do a friendly attack in COC? ›

To start a Friendly Challenge where you are the attacker, one of your Clanmates must first send a challenge invite into the Clan Chat. Then, you can scout the base before attacking, or just dive in head first!

What is the best strategy for Town Hall 7? ›

Send in an Archer to activate the clan castle troops, then use your Lightning Spell to kill them. Use your Archers to take out any exterior buildings, or unprotected defenses. (Primarily try to damage any Air defenses in Range.)

What is the best strategy for Town Hall 4? ›

The GiaLoon strategy is a tank-damage strategy that is most effective in Town Hall 4. If used in higher Town Hall levels, you risk a loss due to Wizard Towers and Air Sweepers. The army composition requires at least one Barracks to be at Level 6 or higher.

What is the best attack strategy for Builder Hall 7? ›

Start off by creating a funnel for your troops. Deploy Night Witches behind the Giants, allowing them to follow and provide aerial support (with their bats). The bats unleashed by the Night Witches can swiftly demolish defenses, making way for the Giants to pave their way to six star attacks.


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