NEW: Summary of APWU Tentative Agreement (2024)

The American Postal Workers Union and the U.S. Postal Service have reached a tentative three-year Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) announced APWU President and Lead Negotiator Mark Dimondstein. The following is a summary of that tentative agreement.The APWU is preparing thecompleteTentative Agreement to be sent to members with their ratification ballot. Detailed information on the ratification vote will be announced in the near future.


Contract Time Period

  • Three-year contract:September 21, 2021 through September 20, 2024

GeneralAnnualWage Increasesand Cost of Living Allowances (COLA)

  • 1.3% November 20, 2021 (Will be Retroactive)

  • 1.3% November 19, 2022

  • 1.3% November 18, 2023

  • Six (6)Cost of Living Allowances(COLA)for career employees(March and September of each year)with no change to the current formulabased on the July 2021 CPI-W.(After the fourth month of the six-month measuring period, the COLA increase is at $0.39 per hourandwill bebased on the January 2022 CPI-W Index)

  • PSEs receive the general wage increasesand an additional1% increaseeach year inlieuof COLA(i.e.2.3% each November)

  • $0.50/houradditional increasefor PSEseffective the first pay period of the second full month afterthe Agreement is ratified

Job Security

  • Protection from layoff for career employees with six years of service remains in effect

  • Any current career employeeon the rolls as of September 20, 2021,with less than six years of service will be included in the no layoff protections for the life of the National Agreement, providing an additional 72,000 career employeesprotection from layoffs.

  • 50-mile limit on excessing of employees

  • The current moratorium on subcontracting of Postal Vehicle Service (PVS) work will continue in its present form during life of the Agreement

Holiday Pay

  • Juneteenth addedto the holidaysfor career employees for a total of 11 paid holidays per year

  • PTF pay rate will be increased effective January 1, 2022 to reflect 11 holidays each year

Health Insurance

Enhanced Level 8 & 11 Pay Scales

  • Grade 8 Pay Scale:
    • Bottom Steps FF-AA eliminated with Step A becoming the first Step
    • New top Step P added
    • Employees currently in Grade 8 will move into new steps while retaining all credit toward next step:
      • Steps FF-BB moved to Step A
      • Step AA moved to Step B
      • Steps A-O moved up one Step
  • Grade 11 Pay Scale increased by an average of 2.3% prior to any general increases or COLA

Part-Time Flexible (PTF) Work Rules

  • Schedule guarantee of24-hour per pay period,increased from 2 hours a pay period

  • Guaranteedat leastfour hours of workor paywhen scheduled

  • Forty (40) hours of annual leave will be advanced at thestartof each leave year for immediate use

  • Guaranteeda minimum of one (1) non-scheduled day each service week except during thepeak seasonexceptionperiodwithnoticeWednesdaythe week prior

  • Within 90-days of ratificationaOne-time Voluntary Transfer Opportunity to residual Full-Time Regularvacanciesin larger officeswithinadistrict​​​​​

Automatic Conversion of PSEsin Level 20 offices and above

  • PSEs will be converted to career status upon reaching 24-months of relative standing

    • ClerkPSEs assigned to officesGrade21 or higher will be converted to Full-Time Flexiblewith such assignments made in accordance with the Clerk Craft provisions of Art. 37.4

    • ClerkPSEs assigned toGrade20 offices will be converted to Part-Time Flexible

    • MVS PSEs assigned in any size office will be converted to Part-Time Flexible

    • PSEs convertedunder this provisionstartata new Step GG in Grades 5-7 and Step A in Grade 8.

    • Automatic Conversion does not apply to PSEs assigned toGrade-4 RMPOs

  • Conversionswillstill occur prior to the 24-months

    • The“Filling of Residual Vacancy MOU”and Article 37.5.Dremains in full force and effect

    • MVS Craft Conversions will be madein accordance withArticle 39.2.A.11

    • Conversionoccurringearlierto 24-months startatStep FF for Grades 5-7 and Step-A for Grade 8

Other PSE Provisions

  • Forty (40) hours ofadvancedannualleaveuponcompletion of an initial 360-dayPSEappointmentin Level 20 offices and above

  • PSEs assigned toLevel4 RMPOsreceive an additional one (1) hour ofpaidannual leave perpayperiod upon completion of two (2) 360-day appointments

  • PSEs assigned to Level 4 RMPOs upon completion of two 360-day appointments will receive 40 hours of advance leave

  • PSEs will be offered one (1) non-scheduled day each service week except during peak season with notice the Wednesday the week prior


  • The 12 PSEs perDistrict assigned toLevel4 RMPOswill no longercount against the20%District cap

  • 10 PSEs in the46 Package Support Annexes (PSAs) will not count against theDistrictcap(for a totalmaximum of 460 PSEs) and will be allowed to work in any facility in theinstallation the PSA is attached to

  • A four (4) weeks “ramp-up” period prior to the start of accounting period 3, the 20% PSE District cap will be temporarily increased by 1% per week equating to no more than a 4% increase

  • New protections for the OTDL during “ramp-up” whereby prior to utilizing a PSE more than 8 hours in a day or 40 hours in a service week, qualified and available employees on the appropriate OTDL will be utilized. No requirement to use an OTDL employee on the second non-scheduled at the penalty rate prior to using a PSE in excess of 40 hours

Uniform/Work Clothes Program Allowances

  • 2.5% increase to the uniform/work clothes allowances in 2022, 2023, and 2024

  • Delivery/Sales Service Distribution Associate (DSSDA) will receive Type 1 uniform allowance

  • New “Rollover” program where unused funds will carryoverand be available for use beginning twelve (12) months after the end of each anniversary year

AdditionalWork Rule Improvements

  • Remote Encoding Center staffing ratio changed to 62% Full-Time Regular and 38% PSE and all career duty assignments are Full-Time Regular

  • 90-day waiting period to use annual leave eliminated for new career employees with 90-days continuous service prior to their conversion.

  • Updated the Deaf and Hard of Hearing MOU

  • Work Environment Improvement Task Force

  • Work Place Free of Harassment

  • Enhanced and Expanded Services

  • Environmental/Sustainability issues, EAP, and Child and Elder care, included in the jurisdiction of the National Labor Management Committee

  • District Safety Committees made permanent

  • Right of Union Officials to Enter Postal Installations

  • Regional Safety and Health Representative Training Opportunities

  • Repromotion MOU

  • Article 8 Task Force to address excessiveovertime, particularly in relation to non-list employees

  • Election Mail Task Force MOU

  • Full per diem for employees training at the NCED facility

AdditionalClerk CraftProvisions

  • Window trainingstartswithin 10-days after posting of the senior bidder

  • Updated NTFTdutyassignmentslanguage

  • Pilotprogram to test new pecking order for theassignment of PTF Hub Clerks

  • Filling ofResidualVacancyMOUupdated

AdditionalMotor Vehicle Service CraftProvisions

  • PTFs identified for conversion to FTR converted within 28-days

  • APWU will have opportunity to submit recommendations on new vehicles prior to specificationsbeingsent to contractors and before manufacturing and completion of new vehicles

  • Nationalcommittee established to address training initiative and opportunities

  • HCR limitation on Subcontracting MOU remains in full force and effect

AdditionalMaintenance CraftProvisions

  • Noadditionalcustodialstaffing packageswill changefrom MS-47 TL-3 to TL-5 for life of thecontract

  • Changethecalculation method of PS Form 4852forJuneteenth Holiday

  • Annual cap on the numberof times an employee can be involuntarily assigned to off-site training courses

  • Career employee may request to be tested for maintenance craft positions and if rated eligible may request placement on the appropriate in-service register.

  • Updates to the posting of relief assignments in the craft

  • Agreement to consolidate and upgrade multiple legacy jobs

  • Employees traveling to NCED for training receive full per diem for length of stay

Additional Support ServicesCraftProvisions

  • In Material Distribution Centers Maintenance Mechanic General Grade 7 eliminated and Building Equipment Mechanic Grade 9 added

  • Penalty Overtime provisions applied to Operating Serviceemployees

Editors Note: There was a correction on 12/16 to Grade 8 Pay Scale -Steps A-O will be moved up one step; it was previously posted as Steps B-O.

NEW: Summary of APWU Tentative Agreement (2024)


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