📖[PDF] Advancing Sustainable Science and Technology for a Resilient Future by Sai Kiran Oruganti | Perlego (2024)

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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has become an effective tool with significant implications for industrialisation and Market Research (MR), especially in the field of green production. Green IIoT (GRIIoT) can be used to implement Green Production (GP) goals for the environment. The purpose of this study is to examine the drivers behind the adoption of GIIoT, MR, and industrialization decision-making, as well as the effects these drivers have on industrialization performance (IP). A structured questionnaire was used to gather information in order to evaluate the suggested study paradigm. The results indicate that institutional isomorphism influences the acceptance of GRIIoT in a favorable way. Furthermore, Green innovation (GI) activities that result in IP are favorably correlated with GIIoT. The potential effects of the various institutional isomorphisms discussed in this study can aid organizations in better understanding the responsibilities to protect and satisfying stakeholders, particularly as the adopt GIIoT to handle production problems and possible accordance pressures in the process.

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Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Half Title Page
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Contents
  6. List of Figures
  7. List of Tables
  8. About the Editors
  9. 1 Internet of Things and Green Production: Implications for Market Research and Industrialization
  10. 2 Analysis of Solutions of a Fractional Differential Equation Coupled with a Boundary Value Issue
  11. 3 Smart Cloud Data Management Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning with Spider Swarm Optimization Algorithm
  12. 4 A Novel IoT Based Environmental Monitoring System Integrating Machine Learning Under the Background of Big Data
  13. 5 Facial Recognition Model using Hyper-Tuned ResNet50 in Localized Datasets
  14. 6 Mobile Application for Risk Assessment Using Naïve Bayesian Algorithm with Distance Notification against COVID-19
  15. 7 Physicochemical and Microbial Water Quality of the Coastal Waters of Sogod, Southern Leyte
  16. 8 K-Means Clustering on Spotify Music Data Using Supervised Feature Selection Techniques Enhancing Accuracy
  17. 9 Development of a Microcontroller-based Oil Spill Monitoring Buoy
  18. 10 Palayan: Forecasting Rice Crop Loss on Typhoons using PSO-SVR
  19. 11 Artificial Intelligence as Support in Knowledge Management for Human Resource Management
  20. 12 Sentiment Analysis on Product Review Using Sarcasm, Emoticon, and Internet Slang Detection
  21. 13 Antonym and Meronym Identification as an Aid for Filipino Corpus Builder
  22. 14 Multi-staged Bird Species Classification Through CNN using Bird Vocalizations
  23. 15 Performance of ArUco Detector in ArUco Marker Detection Using Non-GPS Drone
  24. 16 A comparative analysis of three classification algorithms to predict students board performance
  25. 17 Assessment of Neighborhood Watch System for Crime Prevention
  26. 18 The Effects of E-Machine Shorthand Online Teaching Practices to Students' Performance: Evidence from Rizal Technological University
  27. 19 Digital Wallet: Usage and its Security for Cashless Society
  28. 20 PUP Microbank: Microbial Collection Repository with Status Monitory and Request Assessment
  29. 21 Experimental Study Modeling Straight-bladed Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with Central Panel to Aid Self-Starting Capability
  30. 22 The Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Relation to the Marketing Strategy of Fast Food Businesses
  31. 23 Vehicle Rustproofing Practices of Automotive Shops in Municipalities of Surigao Del Norte, Philippines
  32. 24 Association of Financial Literacy Among Filipino Gen Z College Students: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach
  33. 25 MEDSPEAK: A Linux Based Speaking Prescribed Medicine Reminder Alert Project
  34. 26 Impact of Microclimate on Noise Reduction
  35. 27 An Intelligent System on Performance Prediction for Job Placement Using Case-based Reasoning
  36. 28 Ticketing Platform for QCU Computing Department with Serverless Video Communication
  37. 29 Usability of Human Resource Information System of Apayao State College
  38. 30 Thematic Analysis of the Learning Management System of Samar State University: The User Perspectives
  39. 31 Integrating Augmented Reality to Omani HEIs: A Covid19 Inspired Case Study-Based Model
  40. 32 CatBoosting Advanced Ensemble Machine Learning Techniques to Predict Heart Disease
  41. 33 Development of Electrochemical Oxygen Microsensor for the Measurement of Dissolved Oxygen in Natural Waters
  42. 34 Comparative Analysis of Water Potability Prediction Based on Classical Machine Learning Algorithms and Artificial Neural Networks
  43. 35 Predicting CKD Stages and Urgency Level with K-Means Clustering via Data Mining
  44. 36 A Smart Healthcare System Using an Artificial Intelligence for Detecting Heart Disease
  45. 37 Artificial Intelligence Assisted Intelligent COVID-19 Monitoring Framework
  46. 38 Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Algorithm for Medical Data Classification
  47. 39 Artificial Intelligence-based Framework for Predicting Academic Performance in Online Learning
  48. 40 Swarm Optimized Robust Al Algorithm for Biomedical Data Classification
  49. 41 Artificial Intelligence-Based Categorization of Art Paintings
  50. 42 Deep learning-based Evaluation of Cybersecurity Threats in Smart City Buildings
  51. 43 Analyzing the Data Security Concerns in Cybersecurity Risks for Social Media Sites
  52. 44 A Novel Machine Learning Approach for Detecting Cybersecurity Risks in Industries
  53. 45 Spoofing Attack Detection in WSN Based on Deep Learning for Cyber Security Enhancement
  54. 46 Malicious Prediction in Wireless Body Area Networks for Enhancing Cyber Security
  55. 47 Enhancement of Cybersecurity: Ensemble Machine Learning Method for Detecting Credit Card Fraud in Banking
  56. 48 A Data Storage System for Educational Records Using Blockchain Technology
  57. 49 An Efficient Blockchain Based Healthcare Data Management System Using Lightweight Cryptographic Algorithm
  58. 50 A Secured Blockchain-Based Smart Contract for Vehicle Anti-Theft System
  59. 51 Implementation of a Trust-based Blockchain Model for Medical Applications
  60. 52 A Conceptual Framework Integrating Blockchain and Supply Chain for Sustainable Development
  61. 53 Agricultural Data Integrity Using Swarm Optimization Based Blockchain Technology
  62. 54 Machine Learning Based big Data Analytics Framework for Healthcare Applications
  63. 55 A Novel Data Mining Approach for Intrusion Detection in Smart Grids
  64. 56 Fuzzy Based Big Data Business Analytics for Efficient Decision Making
  65. 57 A Novel Data Science Approach for Agricultural Crop Yield Prediction
  66. 58 Sentiment Classification of Social Media Comments Using Data Mining
  67. 59 Fake News Detection on Social Media under the Background of Data Mining
  68. 60 Network Anomaly Detection Using a Hybrid Machine Learning Framework
  69. 61 Cancer Prediction Model using Meta-Heuristic Optimization based Machine Learning Algorithm
  70. 62 Machine Learning-Based Identification of Water Bodies Using Remote Sensing Images
  71. 63 An Automated Healthcare Data Analysis Framework Usingmachine Learning
  72. 64 Effective Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks Using a Machine Learning Approach
  73. 65 Predictive Maintenance of Industrial Machines Using Novel Machine Learning Algorithm
  74. 66 A Conceptual Framework for Remote Patient Monitoring Using the Internet of Things
  75. 67 Implementation of a Smart Education System Based on loT Enabled Decision Making Process
  76. 68 Enhancing Quality of Service in loT Based Intelligent Transportation System
  77. 69 An Automated Smart Agricultural System Using Internet of Things
  78. 70 Design of a Novel Secured Information Transmission System in Industrial Internet of Things
  79. 71 A Novel Trust aware Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for loT Networks
  80. 72 A Novel Biometric Authentication System for Healthcare Data Management in Cloud
  81. 73 An Innovative Strategy for Implementing an Online Education Platform Based on Cloud Computing
  82. Distributed Denial of Service Attack Detection in >Cloud Using Machine Learning Algorithm
  83. 75 Optimal Task Scheduling Algorithm Based on Swarm Optimization in Cloud Computing Environment
  84. 76 Design of an Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation Algorithm for Cloud Computing
  85. Novel Encryption Technique for Cloud Computing Access Control
  86. 78 Optimal Path Planning Algorithm with Optimization Technique for Mobile Robots
  87. 79 Design of a Bio-Inspired Framework for Underwater Robotic Communication System
  88. Smart Environmental Monitoring System Using Enhanced Bayes Bayesian Optimized Platform Robotics
  89. 81 Automated Robotic Navigation with Obstacle Detection Using a Deep Learning Algorithm
  90. A Wall-Climbing Automated Robot Based on a Neural Network for Reinforced Concrete Structural Monitoring
  91. 83 Automated Marine Robot Navigation System Using Machine Learning Algorithm
  92. 84 Nabi: A Social Platform where Mental Health Matters
  93. 85 PLANTSYS: A SMS Based Automatic Plant Irrigation and Monitoring System
  94. 86 Design, Fabrication, and Performance Evaluation of Ayungin (Leiopotherapon Plumbeus) Smoke Dryer
  95. 87 Lived Experiences of Parents with Child Diagnosed with Retinoblastoma

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Oruganti, Sai Kiran, Dimitrios Karras, and Srinesh Singh Thakur. (2024) 2024. Advancing Sustainable Science and Technology for a Resilient Future. 1st ed. CRC Press. https://www.perlego.com/book/4439484.

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Oruganti, S. K., Karras, D. and Thakur, S. S. (2024) Advancing Sustainable Science and Technology for a Resilient Future. 1st edn. CRC Press. Available at: https://www.perlego.com/book/4439484 (Accessed: 2 July 2024).

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Oruganti, Sai Kiran, Dimitrios Karras, and Srinesh Singh Thakur. Advancing Sustainable Science and Technology for a Resilient Future. 1st ed. CRC Press, 2024. Web. 2 July 2024.

📖[PDF] Advancing Sustainable Science and Technology for a Resilient Future by Sai Kiran Oruganti | Perlego (2024)


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