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The Super Mario Brothers Movie is based on the Japanese video game franchise made for the video game company, ‘Nintendo.’ Distributed by Universal Pictures, the 92 minutes long computer-animated adventure movie got released on 05 April 2023 in the US.

So, the long-awaited movie is finally here, with a sensible story and musical themes to fulfill our expectations. People who have already played the Super Mario games will realize that the movie contains elements from the new as well as older versions. So, it feels like we are still in the video game.

Nintendo’s plumber has entered the big screens with a new story. The movie is about two peacefully living plumbers who unknowingly land in the Mushroom Kingdom and the Shadow Kingdom and fight against the powerful enemy.


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The movie’s energy, music, and visuals got praised and an average of an ‘A’ grade on CinemaScore. On the other hand, some people did not like the voice acting and found that the voices and accents did not suit the characters.

Despite receiving criticism from a few viewers, the movie got more positive reviews. The movie makers will think of a sequel if everything gets good. Meanwhile, Nintendo looked at the major positive reviews and stated that it would look to make more such movies in the future.

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie Plot

The story begins with the villain, Bowser, desperate to gain more powers. Accordingly, the King of the Koopas goes to the land of penguins to get their treasure. He knows that he will get invincible after acquiring the powers of the superstars. The snowballs thrown by the tiny penguins cannot withstand the gigantic Bowser.

Finally, all penguins end up getting killed, and Bowser sets ‘The Mushroom Kingdom’ as his next target.
Luigi Mario and Mario Mario are the plumbers running their own plumbing business in Brooklyn. Anyone having issues with the pipes can call them, and the duo will arrive. However, their parents do not believe in their potential to carry on the business.

One day, Luigi and Mario end up getting pulled into a magical world after they go underground to fix a leaking pipe that would flood the city. Mario falls into the Mushroom Kingdom and Luigi into the Dark Shadow Kingdom after a failed attempt to stay together while getting pulled.

Mario finds himself standing between large mushrooms. Soon, he comes under Toad’s sight and explains that he is hunting for his lost brother. Toad thinks that Mario’s brother is no more. Still, he promises Mario to help him find his brother. It is how the two head to Toe Town.

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The Toe town is full of pipes, and even a pipe expert like Mario cannot determine where he will end up after getting into the pipes. Similarly, he must jump from one block to another, floating in the air. Thus, it is chaos for Mario. After a lot of trouble, Toad finally takes him to Peach, the princess of the kingdom.

Peach knows that Bowser can attack her kingdom anytime, and the toads cannot face him. Thus, she asks the jungle apes to help her. On the one hand, Mario wants Peach to help him find his brother. On the other hand, Peach wants him to help her fight Bowser.

Meanwhile, shocked and scared, Luigi gets caught by the minions sent by Bowser. Bowser was already suspicious of the arrival of a human in the Mushroom Kingdom, and now, Luigi, another human, is standing before him. Thus, poor Luigi gets tortured by the King Of The Koopas for more details.

Cranky Kong from the Ape Kingdom agrees to help Mario and Peach only if they beat his son Donkey Kong in a battle that contains all types of challenges. Finally, Mario defeats him and comes back to the Mushroom Kingdom with the latest ape technology. However, they get attacked by Bowser’s minions on the way. Donkey Kong and Mario get captured by Bowser, and the other apes get sent to jail. Only Peach and Toad manage to run away.

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie Ending Explained

Bowser wants to marry Peach and rule the Kingdom. Accordingly, he comes to the Mushroom Kingdom to ask (or force) her to marry him, as Toad’s life is at stake until the wedding takes place. Thus, she sadly accepts his proposal.

Meanwhile, Bowser orders all the prisoners in the Shadow Kingdom to get sacrificed in the lava for the sake of his wedding celebration. Mario and Donkey King manage to escape the mare and reach the Mushroom Kingdom, where toads are already struggling against Bowser’s minions.

Donkey King and Mario enter the Wedding location, the castle, and Toad gifts Peach a bouquet. During the wedding ceremony, Bowser and his minions get frozen when Peach suddenly takes out the ice flower from the bouquet.

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Donkey King and Mario manage to save Bowser’s Prisoners from getting sacrificed, but Bowser starts getting back to the normal temperature before Donkey King and Mario reach him. He activates the Bonsai Bill to finish the kingdom. Meanwhile, Mario flies in the wrong direction and hits the pipe that brought him into the Mushroom Kingdom.

So, this time, one more explosion occurs, and Bowser enters Brooklyn with his castle. Peach manages to take the superstar from the comeback and give it to Mario. It is how Mario casts the spell and makes Bowser tiny enough to fit into a small bottle. Thus, the pain called Bowser is finally gone.

In the next scene, the Mario brothers wake up in their house. However, they find that the house is in the Mushroom Kingdom instead of Brooklyn. So, they decide to stay there forever. On the other hand, a Yoshi egg was dropped in Brooklyn. What did the egg contain? Well, your question may get answered in the sequel.

Peach’s Secret

Peach reveals her secret to Mario in front of Toad when they get some free time. She says she is a human and was not born in the Mushroom Kingdom. She does not even know how she arrived there when she was a baby. However, the toads took her to the palace after her surprising arrival and announced that she would be the princess and be in charge of the kingdom from now onwards.

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie Ending Explained: The Inside Secret - OtakuKart (2024)


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