What was the Ullman Manufacturing Co? - Answers (2024)

For those interested in further information on the ULLMAN MFG. Co., I did find a listing that may have a direct connection to the company in the "Greater New York Edition" of the "Printing Trades Blue Book for 1918" that reads:

L. ULLMAN & Sons

There is also a Martin ULLMAN who is among those rare few contributers singled out in the final issue of "AD Magazine," where he is listed as having been a member of the Society of Designers for Industry, in New York, and is credited for the April/May 1940 issue.

The latest listing I have found for the actual company, thus far, is that they were recorded as having done the illustrations for the book "Journal, 1803," by Washington Irving, working with the well-known Plimpton Press, of Norwood, MA and the Oxford Univ. Press, of New York. This was published in 1934. (You may be interested to know that the type of work they were doing at that time was colloidal printing.) This may have been one of their last major projects, as I found a notation in the files of the Alfred J. Frueh Papers, in the Archives of American Art that lists his contact with the company as ending in 1939 (specifically, 1921- 1939). My guess is that this is when they either changed their company name or ended doing business, completely. The most interesting bit of information to come out of that search, though, is that this is the first time that the ULLMAN MFG., Co. is found in a second listing, where it is shown in a clear relationship with another company, in this case Viafora (I presume Gianni Viafora, as later noted). The section of the listing that should be of interest is posted exactly as follows:

Ullman Manufacturing Company - Viafora, 1921-1939, undated

There is some interesting information on the website for the Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City(http://www.metropostcard.com/publishersu.html), although some of the dates are off, I believe. It may be of interest to note some of the names that follow the stuff about ULLMAN, such as the one for "Underhill," as I believe there is some question about an artist with a same last name floating around, as well. (I did find a Nelson Underhill who was a railroad office worker in the late 19th C., in Colorado, which makes him an unlikely candidate. Instead, I would suggest the artist is, perhaps, a woman, and that the two names actually make up a single surrname, such as that belonging to "Edmund W. and Mary S. Nelson Underhill." Certainly the subject matter of the artwork done by "Nelson Underhill" would place it squarely in the 19th C. woman's realm.)

Hope this does not just confuse the issue all the more!

We also have a print from the Ullman Mfg Co. dated 1900. It depicts two young women, the younger blonde is seated reading a letter while the older brunette is watching over her shoulder. It is on or under glass and the subjects are in front of a large curtained window with spinning wheels at their sides. If anyone would care to comment with a name or any other information, I would be interested!

i have a print showing a house and people fishing at a river front. it is signed : copyright 1900 the ullman mfg & co. new york. i hope that helps to know that they produced art prints...thomas.

I just discovered an Ullman MFG.CO. print copyright 1899.

It is a black and white print of the Madonna and Child. I'm looking for more information on the Ullman MFG. CO.


I also have a beautiful color print by the Ulman Mfg. Co New York copy right dated 1898. It appears to be a mother and child in a library or study in a mansion type setting.

I have a print dated 1907 from Ullman Mfg Co. It is a picture of a man at anvil repairing a doll carraige wheel while a little girl with her doll stand waiting

I also have an old b/w photo from the Ullman Mfg. Co.. It is a picture of a woman chained to a cross. Someone said it was Joan of Arc, but I'm not sure. It's dated 1901

I am looking for the person who responded that they had a 1907 Ullman print of a man at anvil repairing a doll carraige wheel while a little girl with her doll stand waiting. Please e-mail me.


Apparently they produced prints. I have two. One is of a man and women, they look like pilgrims, and she is holding his arm, he has a musket and looks like maybe he's going to leave her for a battle? The other is of a lady in a beautiful pink beaded dress in front of a church looking building, she is holding some sort of book. They were mounted under glass and the frames were not real eye catching. Copyright 1900 in the bottom left corner.

Like so many others, I, too have a print that appears to be a photograph with a colorized process. In the corner is Copywrite 1899 The Ullman Mfg. Co. New York. The picture is an 8x10 of a beautiful,young 1880's woman sitting on a rock on a rocky beach with letter in hand and the background shows a ship sailing away. Of special colorized note is her pink hat and parasol.

I have a black and white photograph that seems to be hand-colored and is named " Dressing the Bride" it is by Nelson or Nilsin Anderhall or Anderhill. Could anyone give me some info about it. It was given to my mother as a wedding gift.

I too have a print by Ullman Mfg. Co. It is of a woman, appears to be a pilgrim, standing on shore & looking out to sea with a ship far off in the background. The copyright on mine is 1899. I don't suppose anybody knows if & what these prints may be worth? It would be nice to know. Thanks.

What I found on the Ullman Mfg Co is they made postcards and smaller prints. Mostly turn of the century, if I remember right.

I have a print of a painting by H. Raymond, also stamped copyright 1900 Ullman Mfg Co. New York.

I have a picture of it on my website. www.freewebs.com/butchiesmom under pics and such.

It's a sepia picture of a mill with a waterwheel. I'm almost positive I've seen this painting in color.

Does anyone know anything about this painter?

I have a colorized print signed by Nelson Underhill, of a young girl sitting in a rocking chair, being attended to by a woman. By the signature it says "Dressing for her birthday". Does anyone have any info on this?

I'm so curious to know what happened to Ullman Mfg? Did they sell to another company where their records would be stored so all of us curious people could find our answers. You would think with the historians of NY they would be able to guide us somewhere. I have a painting called "Tumbling waters" is mostly browns and tan tones and the only color you see, is the color of the man's jacket which is red, and his hat is white. he is fishing in the creek and his not facing the front, and the only other color in the painting is this lime green on the tips of some plants amists the sides of the hills to the left. it is signed only by the name "Rose" copyright 1898. and of course Ullman Mfg Co. Is still in its orig. frame and everything. I did have to have the back re matted due to age, but made them keep it all orig. backing. I noticed on the back of the painting was written "1-05289" then below was written " Rhodes" and below that name it said Mound City. So I would like all of you love to know about this. And it's history as much as it's worth. I really would love to know the history and artist more than the worth. I love the picture. I just wish so that we could find out about Ullman and what happened to all there records. How can something like that just vanish? Please email me with any info at laurie@castingcrowns.com Thank you so much.

We also have two prints copyright The Ullman Manufacturing Co., dated 1899. Each print is of a single pilgrim women standing on a rocky shore along a coast line.

I also have a print dated 1901 with Joan of Arc.

Ullman Mystery LadyAs I posted on another section of this website, I have beautiful black and white print of a young woman in profile marked "Ullman Manfacturing Co., 1902". The print is in its original gilded, black-enameled frame. It is very haunting.

Does anyone have nay more information on the company or the source of the image? Thanks

Ullman Mfg. co

I have an Ullman mfg.co, New York,picture dated 1899. It has a signature in the bottom left corner, Anthony Blake. It is a color print, showing a maid driving a few cattle to a spring with a house and bay or river in the background. It has a heavy gilt and dark wood frame approx. 6'' deep.The picture itself is approx. 15'' by 19''. Anyone know the worth or history of these prints ?

What was the Ullman Manufacturing Co? - Answers (2024)


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